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About Us

About Us

Creating a new approach in the pest control industry as a reliable consulting organization with a track record and experience of more than 25 years.

Backed by over 25 years of hands-on knowledge and experience worldwide, N.I.C.O. is offering a variety of consulting services to advice governmental and private organizations, food and nonfood, logistic and fumigation industries to solve the majority of pest issues.

We provide expertise and advice on sanitation, pest proof building design, construction of gas-tight chambers (Controlled Atmosphere, Phosphine or other fumigants), improvement of fumigations, intelligent measuring sensors, stored product protection, maintenance and environmental issues relating to pest management and prevention in post-harvest storage of commodities.

N.I.C.O. has the experience and expertise to provide:

Advice of existing pest control practices and improvement

Analysis of sanitation conditions and pest-related problems

Training in pest management issues

Advice on facility maintenance program relating to pest management

Advice about the historical pest activity data by evaluating trends and models

Our consulting services also include:

Controlled Atmosphere Technology

Phosphine fumigations

Heat treatments

Intelligent measuring sensors

Project management and application of new technologies

Entomological issues

Hygiene audits

IPM advisement and application of different programs

Building and construction advices for pest proof buildings


Phoshine Treatment

Heat Treatment


Hygiene Inspection


CA Treatment Preparation

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